Q: You and your sister are gorgeous and your guys' hair omg love it!!! (:

OMG thank u so much

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Q: I just saw your X factor audition and wow! You guys killed it, I absolutely loved it. You guys are so energetic and didn't look embarrassed or nervous AT ALL. How do you do it? I get embarrassed so quick any tips on how to get over it?

Hey! Thanks for the message, my sister and I have been dancing I front of big crowd since we were like 4 so were used to it… Believe me, I was sooo nervous. But singing is what I love and performing is too, I’m not going to let fear get in the way. So tips would be, just remember you are doing something you love and people will hate no matter what… People have called us cocky just cos we aren’t embarrassed

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Q: can you link me to your X Factor audition pls

Here babe thanks for watching: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O8ibwpzQ95c

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